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Nickname: MissAsha
Country:New Zealand
Hair color:Blonde
Eye color:Green


Need some affection? wanting something different? Got a fantasy? Sit in the corner watch me fuck myself ?? If you behave I'll let you taste me. Wear my lacey knickers while Im sitting on your face?? Bend over lets do some spanking? Or just cuddle and kiss.??Feet Worshiping is welcomed.And Naughty role playing is fun. Kissing girls, yeah I like it. But don't forget to deep throat her while I'm licking her out mmmmm Yuuummm...Or perhaps you want to watch your Mistress be fucked...or how bout Mistress fucks your girlfriend with her 11inch strap on cock ...while you watch. Mmmmmm dont be shy, I'm keen to try xx I'm very open minded if there's anything you are wanting in particular? Please feel free to message me. First timers are welcomed. I'll be your dirty little slut....and have you begging for more.


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